The best city in the world

10701957_10204696416352650_8380333689973389742_nI’ve been in London for a tad over two weeks and I feel like I’ve been here ages! (And I’ve started using British colloquialisms to blend in with the locals.) I have seen so many parts of London but know that I’ve only just touched the surface of discovering what this incredible place has to offer. I’ve seen all those tourist attractions and I’m looking forward to exploring some lesser known places.

Off to my real uni.


The amount I have progressed as an individual is absolutely astounding! I’ve conquered my irrational fear of getting lost using public transportation and have explored outside my little neighbo(u)rhood. My international business classes at the University of Westminster are phenomenal. As much as I love Texas State, it is enlightening to see another culture’s way of teaching, which is much more hands-off and independent-study-oriented. I’m taking Global Economy, European Union Law, Supply Chain Management, and Comparative International Management. (Yes, these classes are as fascinating as they sound!) My excitement to learn in the best city in the world is really unmatched by anything I’ve felt before, including seeing a Hilary Duff concert when I was 12.

This is a problem in London markets.


Having classes with international students is great! You not only get to hear a bunch of cool accents, but you get to hear a perspective of someone who’s not where you’re from. I am not going to have the same views on policies as someone from the UK or the UN for that matter so hearing what they have to say is exposing me to opinions I could have never come across reading a paper or watching the news. Call me a nerd, but hearing these viewpoints makes going to class that much better.

I’ve truly fallen in love with this odd place. I have even started to look at job opportunities. This whole experience is still surreal to me and I am so fortunate to have Texas State and my generous scholarships to make it possible (and my mom, of course… hi mom).

Stay tuned for my next adventures! (I already have a Glasgow and a Paris trip planned… what?!?)

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