Half-term update

10415627_10204964333250405_5872655632818615494_nCan’t believe how quickly this experience is flying by.  I’ve been exploring so much of London and other countries (Scotland!), meeting and befriending incredible people from all over the world (Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, and of course, London), oh, and I’ve been studying and going to classes, of course.

Scotland was absolutely incredible. The train ride alone was something out of National Geographic. The sheep edition of National Geographic to be exact. We arrived in Glasgow to some frigid cold and wet weather but made the best of it by having lunch outdoors (naturally) and trekking through the River Kelvin Walkway. We heard crazy Glaswegian accents (no idea what these people were saying but I loved it) and met some incredibly friendly Scottish people.  Sorry, London, the Scots got you beat on friendliness and welcoming of tourists. We had afternoon tea at the delicious Willow Tearoom and I had my first taste of Scottish Breakfast tea which is incredibly on point and I would highly recommend.

Sheep rainbow
Train ride to Glasgow
Willow Tearoom
Afternoon tea with Scottish Breakfast
The City Centre of Glasgow













Next, we went to Edinburgh which is where I would like to live forever and ever. It was the most gorgeous place I have ever stepped foot and with the juxtaposition of this historic city with beautiful hills and fields and the North Sea, I couldn’t believe my eyes. We walked the entirety of the Royal Mile, hiked up Arthur’s Seat (in a non-weird way), and visited the Hollyrood Palace. And in true Texas fashion, stopped at a Mexican restaurant.

The next day, we headed out to Loch Lomond. It was freezing and wet, but we persevered. We went on a hike around Luss and got proper drenched by the rain.  Made some duck friends and saw some beautiful Scottish views of the countryside. We ended up in a sweet little cafe in which we had some tea and scones to warm up our frozen souls.  Our bus ride back to Glasgow consisted of three people taking up NINE seats hanging up their wet clothes and warming their frozen Texan bodies.

All in all, I am in love with Scotland and with its lower cost of living and plethora of outdoor adventureness, it seems like an excellent place to try to start a career! And I’m not just saying that because they have a ton of sheep. Bahhhh.

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