Half-term update

10415627_10204964333250405_5872655632818615494_nCan’t believe how quickly this experience is flying by.  I’ve been exploring so much of London and other countries (Scotland!), meeting and befriending incredible people from all over the world (Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, and of course, London), oh, and I’ve been studying and going to classes, of course.

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The best city in the world

10701957_10204696416352650_8380333689973389742_nI’ve been in London for a tad over two weeks and I feel like I’ve been here ages! (And I’ve started using British colloquialisms to blend in with the locals.) I have seen so many parts of London but know that I’ve only just touched the surface of discovering what this incredible place has to offer. I’ve seen all those tourist attractions and I’m looking forward to exploring some lesser known places.

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London Bound

Diploma holder of LIES
Diploma holder of LIES

This time tomorrow, I will be on my way to the airport to go to London for 3.5 months! What?!?! This opportunity was made possible by my incredible school, generous scholarships, and supportive family and friends. I will be completing my Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing/International Business at the University of Westminster. Probably a little misleading that I “graduated” from university back in May, but because Texas State is so cool, they let me walk at graduation because I would not be here this December to graduate for reals.

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