Aussie slang I miss (and will never fully understand)

When non-Aussies think of Australia, I like to believe we push those pre-conceived perceptions of everyone saying things like “Crikey!” and “G’day mate!” and “Bonzaaaa” away from our minds. Obviously, not everyone says those things and I’m pretty certain only one person ever said “Crikey” (RIP).

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5 top tips to prepare you for a perfect farm stay in Australia

Farm with a view

If you’re planning on doing a working holiday in Australia or are already in the midst of one, chances are that you’ll be dabbling with the idea of farm work in the Australian countryside. Continue reading “5 top tips to prepare you for a perfect farm stay in Australia”

New Zealand Campervanning : The Ultimate Prep Guide

If you love immersing yourself in the beauty of the outdoors like crystal clear lakes, rolling green hills, and bustling wildlife, New Zealand is the place for you. And if you don’t mind sleeping in a van or having a lax personal hygiene routine, then campervanning through it could be your ticket to the best holiday of your entire existence. Continue reading “New Zealand Campervanning : The Ultimate Prep Guide”

How to find an office job on a Working Holiday in Australia


View from city centre MelbourneWhen you decide to embark on a working holiday, you need to make a decision, what sort of “working” are you looking for? When I started this journey, I knew I wanted a job in which I could use my experience and education to further my career.

I understand a lot of people come to Australia on this visa to travel around by finding farm work or casual gigs for funding, but we wanted to work and save and then do our travelling towards the end of our visas. I knew I had my work cut out for me in finding a content/marketing/digital job. Continue reading “How to find an office job on a Working Holiday in Australia”

One month into our working holiday!

IMG_5949Main thing I learned about Australia: the people are the NICEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. Seriously, we made friends with a transportation police officer because he heard our accents and said he lived in Houston and London. Continue reading “One month into our working holiday!”

Getting started in Australia on a working holiday

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Going on a working holiday? Take care of these 4 things first!

IMG_5749When going on any trip, you have to take care of a few things: stop your mail, ask the neighbor to feed your cat, unplug your electronics, and set timers for your outside lights. Just your average run-of-the-mill vacation checklist stuff. But, when leaving on a long journey, like a working holiday which can last for up to a year, this list gets longer and even more important.

You’ve applied for your visa, bought your tickets, arranged for accommodation, and are raring to start your working adventure. All the big stuff is taken care of at your destination, but what about the at home? Before you leave the country, there are some annoying adult stuff you cannot overlook. Continue reading “Going on a working holiday? Take care of these 4 things first!”