One month into our working holiday!

IMG_5949Main thing I learned about Australia: the people are the NICEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. Seriously, we made friends with a transportation police officer because he heard our accents and said he lived in Houston and London.

Anyway, after a 30 hour journey getting here from Austin (Austin> Los Angeles> Auckland> Melbourne), including one cancelled flight, one lost shoe, and a lot of questionable airplane food, we arrived exhausted beyond belief! It took a few days to adjust to the time difference and shake off the jetlag (we were going to sleep at 8pm and waking up at 7am) but because we weren’t on “holiday mode,” we let our bodies adjust slowly.

Job search update

***Oli got a job!!!*** He got the offer today (1 July 2015) and we are really excited! He went through a recruiting agency by applying for a specific job. While he didn’t have the experience the employer was looking for, they pretty much fell in love with him in the interview and asked him to come on board as an assistant to that role. Leave it to this guy to get a job offer for a job that didn’t even previously exist….

Anyway, as you can tell, Oli and I are taking the “working” part of the working holiday pretty seriously. We really want to use this experience to jumpstart our careers while gaining international experience.

In our first month, we have applied to jobs, been to a few interviews, explored the city, went out to the country to make friends with marsupials, and have generally been getting used to our new Australian surroundings. We’ve been job searching every day, and have gotten to the interview stage with companies.

Lovin' some koala ear fluff in the eye at Moonlit Sanctuary
Lovin’ some koala ear fluff in the eye at Moonlit Sanctuary.

Keep in mind, we can only search for jobs that are six month contracts or shorter per our visas. What we have been finding is that the six month contract jobs usually want someone that can work longer than that initial six months if a project extends or more needs doing. While this is frustrating, there really isn’t much we can do about that. Shorter contract jobs are out there; it’s just about being diligent and moving forward when nothing comes of an application of interview. It’s all part of the job search process and although we both found ourselves getting frustrated and disheartened, it sure is wonderful to have someone that’s there to support you and remind you that you ARE employable and you WILL get a job!  We have a really great support system here and considering we will be working pretty much the rest of our lives, we have to keep remembering to not get stressed about not having jobs while we are so young.

Stuff we’ve done update

When we first got to Oz, we were a little bogged down the first few days as we just went full force into the job search and didn’t get to explore the city much. After we realised our little blunder, we started getting out every day, taking the train to the Central Business District (CBD: what downtown/city centres are called in Straya) and exploring. We went to markets (Queen Victoria Market and Rose Street Market), museums (National Gallery and Melbourne Museum– got to see incredible design work from high school aged kids), and got to cuddle some marsupials at my new fave place in the world: Moonlit Sanctuary. We also wondered down to Brighton Beach, visited the loo with a view, and have explored the different neighborhoods our interviews have been.

This Eastern Grey Kangaroo wanted some cuddles (and the food that was in Oli's hand).
This Eastern Grey Kangaroo wanted some cuddles (and the food that was in Oli’s hand).
Incredible design work from school-aged designers at the Melbourne Museum.
Incredible design work from school-aged designers at the Melbourne Museum.


All in all, I find Australia (Melbourne in particular) to be a lot like a mash-up of the US and the UK. It’s hard to pinpoint what it is exactly, maybe it’s the sunny weather and the high streets, or the friendly strangers and the public transportation… Whatever it is, it’s like a combination of the best of both countries and with the addition of some cute (and deadly) animals.

This pommy and yank are off to have get some working experience and have koala and kangaroo filled adventures! Hooroo!

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